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Environmentally Safe and Effective Carpet Cleaning Machines

Count on Dwell Pro in Aspen, Colorado, to provide you with environmentally friendly and high-quality surface and carpet cleaning machines. All of our machines have unsurpassed performance from Constant Flow Design (CFD) portable extraction units, and feature the following:

• 1,200 PSI Adjustable Pumps
• 2” or 1.5” Optional Inlets
• 2hp Motor Drives 
• Detachable Hoses and Power Cords
• Dual 3-Stage VAC Motors
• Easy-to-Open Inspection Plates
• Flat-Free Pneumatic Rear Wheels
• High-Strength Aluminum Extrusions
• Low-Profile Hose and Cord Storage Tank Designs

DWELL 1 Surface Cleaning Machine

This portable machine includes the following features:

• 2.5 Gallon-per-Minute Pump-out
• 50-Foot Housed Electric Cords and Water Hoses

• Built-in Electric Outlet for Running Rotary Tools
• 2 and 4 Wheel Mode

DWELL 2 Surface Cleaning Machine

This machine has been patented as number 8,485,203. Its features include: 

• 100-Foot Housed Electric Cords and Water Hoses
• Built-in 50-Foot Metered Pre-Spray Gun
• Tank Defoamer Valve
• 2 Wheel or 4 Wheel Position


As our machines can be vertically stored inside vehicles, they prove to be user-friendly equipment. Additionally, our machine offers benefits including:

• Easier Operation 
• Less Lifting
• More Efficiency

Truck-Mount Versus Dwell Pro Machines

Unlike gas- and propane-operated truck mounts, our machines are equipped with enclosures and muters to suppress noise pollution that’s disruptive to humans and animals. Our machines use electricity in the dwelling and require less monitoring.

Truck-Mount Exhaust

Truck-mount exhaust worsens allergies, triggers asthma attacks, and contributes to heat-trapping gases that react in the atmosphere to produce smog, acid rain, and harm ozone. To prevent these issues, our machines utilize existing water heaters and electricity in the dwelling.

Dwell Pro Operation

Using truck-mounts means having dirty hoses on exterior paths and requiring open doors for access. In addition, truck-mount operators must monitor running gas motors and the security of the dwelling being cleaned. As our machines are located near the operator and in a secure environment at all times, they eliminate the need for a second operator and constant monitoring.

Contact us in Aspen, Colorado, to get more details on our eco-safe carpet cleaning machines.