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Commercial Applications


Office and Workplace

Protect your employees / Decrease sick time / Increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Cleanse your office and/or workplace to ensure that your staff is free from viruses, mold, and bacteria. Improve the air quality at your place of business.

Real Estate Professionals

Sell a home quickly and easily, and don’t lose a deal because of a mold or odor problem. Mold or odor can kill a home sale.  MDF-500®  kills all mold and mold spores on contact and completely removes the moldy smell. Pet odors can also turn off a prospective buyer –  while the current owner may love pets, a prospective buyer may not, or be allergic to pets.  Our MDF-500 treatment  completely removes all cigarette, cigar, pet, cooking odors by killing the bacteria, causing the odor at the molecular level. It does not mask the odor – it kills it! We will fix the problem in a fast and affordable way so you can make the sale.

Real Estate Professionals

Health Facilities and Medical Offices

MDF-500®  meets all requirements for hospital and medical sterilization use. It is used in the Cardinal Health Care Facilities. It is especially useful in sterilization, odor mitigation, and mold eradication in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and Medical and Dental Offices. Protect the health of your staff and patients and ensure your facility meets all AORN and OSHA standards.

Other Commercial Applications

Property Managers / Hotels

Simplify your job as a Property Manager, Hotel General Manager, or Landlord. Mold and odor issues can cost a lot as rental space sits unused or tenants complain. We can fix the problem before it spreads, in a fast and affordable way.  Hotels invariably encounter smokers in non-smoking rooms, which creates a huge and expensive problem. One application of  MDF-500® will eradicate smoke, pet, and food odors – as well as all of their allergens! Eliminate the “Sick Building Syndrome’ through our application of  MDF-500® on the property, in the rooms/apartments/condos, and in the ductwork.

Property Managers / Hotels

The Food Industry

Protect your patrons and staff by providing a sterile environment with regularly scheduled  MDF-500®  applications. Our product kills all bacteria and viruses on contact, including salmonella. Destroy mold in damp environments near food preparation.

Facilities In Which MDF-500® is Very Useful
Gymnasiums and Athletic Facilities
Hospitals and all Medical and Health Care Facilities
Doctors and Dentist Offices
Veterinary Clinics
Hotels and Motels
Food Processing Facilities
Building Interior and Exterior Cleaning
Commercial Laundry
Cruise Ships